invites you to relax, de-stress, re-vitalise and be pampered
MY LIFE                                                                                                      


a Reiki practitioner.

,also do auricular therapy,,( HOPI ear candling))

Thai hand and foot massage

and indian head massage

.I started on this path after   receiving reiki treatments myself., i decided i wanted to learn more and took my first degree attunement, and 2nd degree .. reiki is now a big part of my life and i truly believe in the universal life force healing energies . am now learning more and more holistic therapies. as above have now completed indian head massage  and hopi ear candling plus Thai hand and foot massage and thrive to continuously develop on other therapies giving me a greater job satisfaction in a way that i can help others , i have a small healing room from our family run home , in east yorkshire and am willing to travel at a little extra cost ,.   .......  I'm open and honest to a fault. I love my husband / daughter and 2 sons , and will do anything for them,...I i love my friends , and spending time with them. I have a passion for ALL animals of all breeds other than frogs and spiders..LOL!!. I'm very spiritual and I love to meditate. I'm a TRUE friend from the heart.usually quite a private person,like honesty, and privacy , i am married to my husband steve , met 20 years ago and been  happily married for 14 years this yr,, my soul mate as well , xxx

Just for today, do not worry.
                                                                         Just for today, do not anger.
                                                                  Honour your parents, teachers and elders.
                                                                  Earn your living honestly.

                                                                  Show gratitude to every living thing.
                                                        {The Reiki Principles}

  .ALL my therapies are insured and covered by TGHT ..TGBT    xxx

This year 2015 .. I am focusing on writing my book ..

As well as booked in for various attunements ..

Which will then be added on to price list and on offer to you .. To be added here as completed